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Importance of Taekwondo

Why do we reach such a unity in Taekwondo? Taekwondo is a way of life, like having a job, raising a family, fighting for a cause. What makes Taekwondo different from other sports is that it is an activity for survival in extremely antagonistic situations. One must always overcome the opponent who tries to cause harm. However, winning a fight is not good enough to guarantee one's safety, because the opponent may fight back. Moreover, there will always be more to come. In order to gain permanent peace, unity is all it takes. This is what Taekwondo aims for. Otherwise Taekwondo would be no different from other street-fighting skills.

Taekwondo pursues harmonious growth and improvements of life through its unique activities. This is why one could say Taekwondo is a way of life. To ultimately enable ourselves to lead more valuable lives, we would do our best by finding the guiding principles which are deeply hidden in Taekwondo.

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